Dry Organic Carpet Cleaning

Up to 85% of the dirt in carpets is dry dirt. In order to remove this, we thoroughly pre-vacuum with our powerful equipment. We will then individually treat all spots and stains to ensure they are completely removed and not just merged into the carpet during the cleaning process.

The remaining 15% of grease and dirt is then removed using our dry extraction machine with counter rotating brushes and the HOST™ natural organic compound.

The compound is made of an organic medium which in effect is millions of sponges - literally wiping each fibre clean. The sponges absorb the dirt and are then removed using the powerful extraction machine and vacuum leaving your carpets clean and fluffy!

The carpeting edges are then cleaning by hand using our powerful vacuum system which removes any dirt or compound that may be left after the cleaning process.

This attention to detail applies to all of our services, whether it be upholstery cleaning,

leather cleaning, mattress sanitization or tiled floor cleaning.

So find your local operator using the box in the top right and contact them to take the easy step of finding that secret to the best carpet cleaning experience you will ever have.

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