Carpet Cleaning – by Bone Dry

Bone-Dry, Dry Organic Carpet Cleaning was setup to provide an alternative to untrained carpet cleaners and the traditional wet cleaning methods, which can have their short comings with long drying times, shrinkage and wick back. We use an organic compound to deep clean your carpets, with Zero Drying Time!

All spots and stains are individually treated to ensure they are removed completely, and not just merged into your carpet. We use our special Dry Organic Compound to deep clean your carpet from the base up.

Convenient, because there is Zero Drying Time! You can use the cleaned area straight away. So no need to empty the room of heavy furniture, leave windows open or be careful to avoid the room until its dry! We don’t use water so there is no chance of shrinkage, seam splitting or bad odours – we just leave you with a bright clean, deodorised carpet featuring a rejuvenated pile.

Why not go to our main pages and get yourself a no obligation quote for you carpets to be cleaned?

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